Winston Churchill's Accomplishments

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Winston Churchill, one of the greatest war leaders in the world failed the entrance exam twice at the Royal Military College at Sandhurst (Thompson). Winston Churchill was known for his career as Prime Minister of England during World War II (Thompson). Before World War II and before Winston Churchill was Prime Minister, he spoke and wrote, trying to warn the world and his nation about Nazi Germany (Thompson). While Europe was conquered, England was the final standing country against the Nazis (Thompson). During the turmoil in Britain, Winston Churchill inspired the British people to “‘their finest hour’” (Thompson). Determination is a characteristic of a person when he or she is certain at making decisions. Winston Churchill was a determined …show more content…
Before Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of England, his political career began in 1900, as a Conservative in Parliament (Draper). Churchill then transitioned from Conservative “defecting to the Liberal Party in 1904” (Draper). In 1924, Churchill “served as Chancellor of the Exchequer” (Draper), and lost his seat in Parliament in 1929. After this defeat, Churchill spent the “next [eleven] years out of office, mainly writing and making speeches” about Nazi Germany (Draper). This rise of power as a politician allowed Churchill to be trusted as Prime Minister in World War II. During World War II, Churchill managed to make the first meeting of the Big Three to “set the British-American invasion of France for [the spring of 1944]” (Stephenson). Before the surrendering of Nazi Germany in 1945, Churchill met in Yalta for meeting of the Big Three (Stephenson). This meeting helped decide the outcome of the defeated Germany in which the Allies would occupy it (Stephenson). Churchill’s cooperation skills with other countries were showed in this meeting. However “Churchill distrusted stalin” (Stephenson). “Churchill and Roosevelt... decided to drop their commitment to a postwar working relationship” with Russia (Gilbert). Churchill “declared that ‘an iron curtain has descended across the Continent” (Draper). Churchill was “a long-time anti-communist…” (Churchill 's Finest Hour- World War II …show more content…
While England was standing alone against Nazi Germany, Churchill managed to raise morale by “everywhere he went, he held up two fingers in a “V for victory” salute” (Stephenson). Not only was this method inspiring to the British people, it eventually inspired the rest of the allies an eventual victory (Stephenson). Churchill “inspired the British [people] to ‘their finest hour”, which led him “to be John Bull, the symbol of the English people” (Stephenson). The people of England did not lose hope as evident when a crowd of people went to cheer Churchill with the “cries of encouragement and good luck” (War Leader). Churchill, with his unique charm and personality, “encouraged [the British] people to strive hard at their work and to excel in the jobs they were assigned” (War Leader). The British people were positive, despite being alone against Nazi Germany, so far. Not only did Churchill raise morale for the British people, he encouraged the Americans by “[addressing to] the United States Congress (Stephenson). He told the Americans that England and America can face against Nazi Germany (Stephenson). This addressing helped America declare war after Pearl Harbor. -This inspiration toward the Americans help formulate the Big Three. While England stood alone against Nazi Germany, Winston Churchill managed to raise morale not only for his country, but for the allies

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