Winning Book Review Essay

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Review of Winning by Jack Welch

When former General Electric CEO Jack Welch reflected on the thousands of questions he has been asked over the years, he realized they could be summed up by one question, “What does it take to win” (Welch Pg.3). Welch believes when companies win, everybody wins and the world is a better place. In his book, Winning, Welch attempts to answer the question of what it takes to win. He uses his experience at General Electric, the experiences of close friends and other corporate examples to provide a detailed roadmap for creating the foundation and corporate culture required to obtain a competitive advantage and win. Welch outlines and details three central pillars to his winning formula: strong management
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The second pillar to winning is effective management. Effective management puts the company’s management philosophy and principles into practice and requires an examination of the internal mechanics of an organization. It focuses on people, processes and culture by examining leadership, hiring, people management, terminations, as well as change and crisis management. Effective management starts with Leadership. Welch describes leadership as the transition from developing ones self to developing others. He outlines eight rules to accomplish this transition. To summarize Welch’s eight rules, leaders develop people, live and breathe the corporate mission, are positive motivators, candid, make tough decisions, ask the right questions, lead by example and celebrate success.

In hiring, people management and terminations can all be summarized as the processes required to ensure that a company has the right people in place to embody the corporate culture and achieve the company’s goal of winning. When hiring, a manager should ensure that every candidate possesses integrity, intelligence and maturity before being assessing for a specific job. After a candidate passes those three acid tests, Welch outlines his 4-E framework in which people should exude positive energy, have the ability to energize others, have the edge to make tough decisions and be able to execute and get things done. According

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