Wingy: A Short Story

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I had an open-eyed dream, a kind of vision that I would like to share. The image out of focus that I saw took me back to the time when the primitive form of man touched land for his very first time leaving the water kingdom behind. Then a series of images flashed in front of my eyes showing the evolution from the crawling to the standing and all the mutations of the living energy called man.
I saw the progression and the improvement of his presence and his demeanor reaching a tall elegant posture. Through the changes, the eyes and the face attained beauty as we define it. Then he grew transparent wings that were radiating hues of gold and started to levitate, increasing his speed and fading into a sphere of incandescent light made of iridescent waves unleashing bright stars.
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I whispered to myself, “We learned that we came from water and we got stuck on Earth, which, according to some religion’s philosophy belongs to a lower realm. To elevate ourselves, we have to materialize wings, not physical ones but spiritual. Isn’t that what Christ’s tale told us?”
I got attached to that vision, the open-eye dream, it placed me in a comfortable state of mind and for that reason I chose to use as my middle name “Wingy”. A name I added to the ones already acquired. Take it as a fairy tale; a glowing

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