Wing Checks Persuasive Speech

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Thank you for flying with us! We ensure that everyone’s safety is our priority. We make sure that all things are at check before flying. If you see any concerning issues such as slight turbulence, gas leaks, or cats hanging on their dear life while we’re flying hundreds of feet above the ground, please advise the nearest attendant in front of you.
It’s a must for pilots to check each and every knickknack before lifting off. Of course, it’s for your own safety, right? You don’t want to die because of gas leakages, rough air turbulences, or cat-related flight problems.
The main reason why pilots are advised to check everything before flying is to avoid unnecessary accidents. However, a certain flight routine may have to consider wing checks because a feline might be hanging on to them while flying.
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Play the video at the 39th second mark.
Believe it or not, that is a real live feline fur ball hanging on the wing of the plane while it was flying up above! Now that’s what I call balls of fur and steel!
According to the video description, the pilot wasn’t that sure whether the cat got there before or after his routine plane inspection. The cat was totally fine and was still used as the mascot for the pilot’s aviation team.
In addition, his comments on the video suggest that leaving the cat hanging on the plane’s wings as he landed slowly was the safest option because they might startle the cat, making it jump towards its death.
Right after the incident, the pilot realized that before one could start flying, he or she must check all parts of the plane CAREFULLY, or another furry little pal could fly with them without any passport.
Remember, cats were not created to fly. They’re created to meow, purr, and demand for food if they feel like

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