Tourism In Niagara

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1. Introduction
This introduction presents on how winery tourism is important in Niagara- specifically the development of winery tourism in Niagara and how its market is growing. Multiple studies have been conducted by several experts. For instance, Northwood conduct a visitor survey as a primary research. For secondary research, she conducts interviews from winery staff and representatives, reports and statistics. Her aim is to explore whether wine tourism is a sustainable form of rural tourism and whether it can be used as a tool for economic development. Winery tourism gives tourists a general idea on how cultural tourism is presented. Moreover, the pie chart that I mentioned in my literature review signifies the share of the Canadian beverage
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I categorize my research in all three purposes; exploratory, descriptive and explanatory (Mahboob, 2015, lecture 1). For the qualitative approach, I will start with questionnaires survey with examples like how tourists feel about wine tasting and what they like about wine tourism. By setting up questionnaires, it would be an excellent idea because I will be collecting large numbers of respondents and analyses them statistically. To add more to it, I would like to explore tourist’s intention in visiting the Niagara Region for winery tourism and their …show more content…
This is where you [divide] the population into subpopulations (strata) on the basis of some supplementary information. From each stratum, draw a random sample in proportion to stata sizes; this ensures representativeness (Mahboob, 2015, lecture 4). In my case, I will be dividing tourists of Niagara Region into winery tourists since I am focusing on winery tourism. In my qualitative research, I will be using quota and purposive sampling. Quota is where you divide a population into categories and get a pre-set number of cases in each category (Mahboob, 2015, lecture 6). I will be dividing the tourists’ categories into tourists from Niagara and winery tourists. Purposive is where you get cases that fit a particular criteria (Mahboob, 2015, lecture 6). Since I will be creating an exploratory survey for my qualitative research, I will be exploring tourist’s intention and behavior on winery

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