Essay about Wine Industry Analysis of China

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China, India & Wine | May 19
| Assessing the global environment and developing solutions for Australian international managers: a WebQuest. (5461 words) | Sheena Bobeechun Troy Credlin Sarah Duff Audrey James. |

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 PESTL Analysis 4 Political & Legal Factors (Author - Sarah Duff) 4 Economic Factors (Author - Sheena Bobeechun) 5 Social & Cultural Factors (Author - Audrey James) 7 Technological Factors (Author - Troy Credlin) 8 Managing Ethics (Author - Audrey James) 9 Strategy & Entry Mode (Author - Sheena Bobeechun) 11 Global Human Resource Management 13 Linking with Strategy (Author - Sarah Duff pp. 13-15) 13 Staffing Policies 14 Training
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A TFA agreement would essentially reduce risks of doing business in China through reinforcing WTO principles, promoting stronger trade and commercial ties facilitating Australian exporters to expand their business into key markets, and enhancing Australia’s broader economic, foreign policy and strategic interests (DFAT 2010).
China’s laws relating to legal drinking ages, advertising and promotion of alcohol are more loosely enforced compared to many other countries. There is no strict legal drinking age, although legal alcohol purchasing age is enforced in some parts of China as 18 years of age. (Hanson 2011).
India operates under a fundamentally democratic system. Its legal system is based on English common law where laws are codified and there is a single hierarchy of courts (CIA 2011). While India’s political system is democratic it is complicated by tensions over religion, ethnicity, a patronage system, corruption, and extreme diversity, which is highlighted by the varied political cultures across the country (EDC 2011).
Trade between Australia and India is continuing to improve as trade liberalization progresses and tariff rates are brought down (DFAT 2010). Australia is also considering FTA with India and is currently conducting a joint FTA feasibility study. An FTA would improve Australia’s broader economic and foreign policy strategies with India.
The legal drinking age in India varies across

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