Essay about Windshield Survey

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Windshield Survey
Michelle Smith
University of Phoenix
Healthy Communities: Theory and Practice
Robert Roth
April 23, 2012

Windshield Survey

A Windshield Survey was completed for the city of Sandy Lake, a town in Northwestern PA with a population of approximately 13,000 people (Quick Facts Census website, 2012). The purpose of the survey is to identify Meadville’s community health needs. In addition to performing the survey, research was performed online to obtain supplemental demographic data. The research resulted in the following information about Meadville: * The ancestral lineage of the city is the Pennsylvania Dutch, who was descendants of Germany (City of Sandy Lake website, 2012). * The average
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There are also two apartment complexes within the city limits. One area on the west side of the city appears to be poverty-stricken. The houses are old and in poor shape, there are broken down cars along the streets, and people who appear destitute are sitting on the porches.The zoning for the city is business and industrial with the outlying rural areas zoned as agricultural. Several businesses line the streets, including a dry cleaning business, convenient stores, restaurants, and a movie theater. There are a few buildings sitting empty from the businesses closing. There are multiple Tool and Die businesses surrounding the city. | Open space | The housing lots are approximately 50 feet by 100 feet with grassy lawns. The houses on the northern end of the city have larger lots and lawn space. There are two major parks within the city. One with a large water fountain, flowered landscaping, historical monuments, and a large gazebo in the middle of the park There are several park benches throughout the park. The other park is more recreational and contains a playground, tennis courts, and basketball courts. Both parks are free for community use. There is also a recreational park on the outskirts of town with baseball fields and a playground. There are some vacant parking lots from businesses that have closed. | Boundaries | According to the Quick Facts Census website, the county has a total area of 1,038 square miles, of which

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