Windshield Survey Essay

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The place is chose to conduct my Windshield Survey was, Sunnyvale, Texas, where I resided for the past 7 years. Windshield survey is conducted to observe the health of the community and its members. The factors affecting health is collected and community health nurses intervene to create a difference either to the entire community or its members. Community assessment helps identify community needs, clarify problems, and identify strengths and resources 351. Even though I lived and worked in this community, I have noticed many disturbing facts that have not changed in the past few years. The town of Sunnyvale is very diverse in terms of ethnicity, age, religion and shares both rural as well as urban areas. After conducting an extensive …show more content…
All these have a cumulative effect on health. Community nurses must intervene and take care of our neglected elderly population. Local clinics must encourage these population the importance of regular health check-ups. Awareness can be created by voluntary groups to conduct education classes on how to modify lifestyle to improve health. Communities can construct neighborhoods safe for our elderly population to walk and be physically active. Another major problem seen is due to large number of Indian population in the community, most of these elderly population are unemployed and do not possess any insurance. This prevents them to access healthcare. Nurses can involve local groups and other agencies to tackle this problem.
This community houses people from various ethnic backgrounds and race. The major populations seen are Whites, African Americans, Indian Americans, Asian Indians, and Hispanics. Diversity of population brings about a diversity in pathology of diseases. This means that when people relocate from a different demographic region they bring along not only their culture but also rise in new diseases which are not usually seen in the residing population. Certain races are prone to various diseases. The African Americans are more prone to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, stroke, infant mortality than the Whites. The immunization rates are also low among this population. The reasons

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