Windows Network Proposal Essay

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Windows Network Proposal
Travis Allan Parrish
University of Maryland University College

Shiv LLC will greatly benefit from using Windows Server 2012 to manage their network. Windows Server 2012 brings great updates to security and functionality over past editions of Windows. In this proposal, the major areas I will cover are Active Directory, Group Policy, DNS, File Services, Remote Services, and WSUS (Windows Server Update Services). These major roles have features that will make Shiv LLC Company’s infrastructure run smoothly.
Active Directory Shiv LLC will have sites across a large geographic location. Because of this, a regional domain model should be used. Domains will be broken down into where users are working. For example,
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Each site will simply use their city to represent their domain. An example is “”. The diagram below shows this visually.

Domain controllers should be placed at each location. At the current time, a read-only domain controller (RODC) can be placed at Los Angeles. This is suggested because it was not considered as a main site. RODCs are good at a branch office, which does not have many users. This can be argued though since rapid expansion of the company is going to happen. Instead, LA should have a full server installed for future growth. The IT department at this site will just need to be expanded later.
For backup and recovery, the Windows Server Backup feature will be needed. The backups should be secured on site, such as either in a safe, or at an off-site location. Backups should be scheduled regularly for a safe measure against any disaster, which may occur.
Group Policy Group Policy is a required element in making sure that a network stays secure. Using GPO, “Rename the Local Administrator Account” should be enabled and used. Administrators do not want to keep this default, because it gives attackers an easy target. Knowing the username account is half of the puzzle for an attacker. “Disable the Guest Account” is very useful because this account has no password. GPO also grants the ability to lockdown passwords for users. The minimum length, complexity, age of the password, and how many attempts a user has, are all options that can be

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