Windows And Linux Systems ( Os ) Essay

811 Words Nov 17th, 2016 4 Pages
An operating system (OS) is the main component of computer software and acts as the intermediary between the hardware of the computer and the software programs. Windows is an operating system used by many personal computers and businesses and is familiar to most computer users. Linux is not often found on a store-bought PC and is mainly used as a server’s OS or to host online services. Both are marketed toward two very diverse groups of computer users, but can give their users a similar feeling of freedom and accessibility. Security, compatibility, and usability of Windows and Linux share various components from one another, but are unique between each operating system. Security is a principle component of any OS, and although both Windows and Linux systems understand that user protection is a priority, they offer different forms of safety precautions for their users. Windows has great stability and is widely used around the world, but due to its extensive range of software capabilities, it is often more prone to viruses than Linux. In comparison, both offer a similar degree of protection, but Linux is not targeted as harshly as Windows because of their popularity difference. When the Windows OS is initially installed onto the preferred hardware, it automatically gives the user administrator controls and full access to all software programs. This ease of access provides a way for viruses and other forms of malicious software to use the administrator permissions and…

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