Wind Turbines And The Wind Turbine Essay

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Wind turbines, both single and arrayed, are installed in areas located onshore, near-shore, offshore and in urban areas where they are integrated with buildings. Onshore and offshore wind power industry is growing fast (Oh et al., 2013; Barthelmie et al. 2009; Lozano-Minguez et al., 2011; Hameed et al., 2011). Due to their enormous size and due to the fact that wind turbines may be subjected to extreme wind conditions during their lifetime, it is imperative that proper assessment of wind load should be carried. Verheij (1988) had developed a Gust Model for the design of large wind turbines and explained the various wind loads and their causes. Saranyasoontorn et al. (2004) investigated the influence of turbulence conditions on the design loads for wind turbine using inverse reliability technique and found that the higher relative turbulence at the onshore site leads to larger blade bending design loads than at the offshore site. However, offshore wind turbines are subjected to additional loads coming from waves and current. Early offshore wind development is expected to be in shallow water, which raises interest about the design of the turbine’s foundation system. The cost of offshore foundations for these developments is a significant portion of their overall installation cost, about 35% (Byrne and Houlsby, 2003), making the development of suitable designs for the foundations an essential task. The engineering expertise in the design and construction of marine structures…

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