Wincanton Distinctive Capabilities Vs. Logistics Capabilities

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4. Wincanton Distinctive Capabilities vs Logistics Capabilities (WDCLC)

Every corporate organisation attains many capabilities that allow them to carry out the activities necessary to move their products or services through the value chain and we discuss that organisational capabilities possibly will be the result of value in any corporate function. Fleury and Fleury (2003) recapped that this capability ought to be more applicable to the success of the strategic objectives of a particular firm and can be well-thought-out as the distinctive capabilities or the core capability of the firm.

Several authors believe that organisational distinctive capabilities outcome from capabilities integrated across well-designed lines, and this can be positioned through various product markets to control firm-specific value-added activities and processes.
However, logistics have usually been well-thought-out to be a matter of operative actions, held in the middle of the essentials set by the marketing and production functions, therefore, where logistics has a vibrant role in the strategy of the firm and remain a key driver for corporate level productivity and growth (Abrahamsson et al., 2003).
The logistics remains an area that delivers a groundwork upon which to build. Morash et al (1996) refers to capabilities as those qualities, capacities, organisational developments, knowledge and skills that permit a firm to attain superior performance and sustained competitive advantage over

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