Willy's Pincho Research Paper

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First stop, Willy’s Pincho! So, what is a Pincho? Well, simply put it is meat on a stick that is grilled over charcoal, Puerto Rican-style (not to be confused with a Kebab) usually served with a side of Pan Sobao (sweet bread) and homemade hot sauce. Located 15 minutes from downtown San Juan, it is totally worth the short trip to the nearby city of Bayamon. Be sure to wear a comfortable pair of shorts, flip flops, and a t-shirt – this place is the farthest from fancy you could ever get. As you drive up you’ll notice a run-down shack and atop a tin roof you’ll see a big green sign with red stars and Heineken logos on each side that reads “WILLY’S PINCHO”. Find a parking spot wherever you can, often times there are one or two spots open …show more content…
Yep, this may seem a strange experience, and perhaps it will be. After all, you’ll be an American in Puerto Rico ordering Mexican food from a food truck owned and operated by Chilean/Lebanese immigrant. Talk about a worldly experience! If that wasn’t strange enough, the truck is actually parked behind a gas station tucked away on a side road that parallels one of the busy highways in Bayamon. Easiest way to find the truck is to find the gas station in front of it. It is a TOTAL gas station (like a MOBIL, or EXXON, back in the US) just look for the big red roof of the gas station, you can’t miss it. As you pull up you will see a bunch of people sitting around the parking lot. Weird? Yes – very; however, that is how they roll here in Bayamon. People park their cars wherever they can without obstructing the gas pumps; on the side of the road, up on the sidewalk, in grassy areas, etc. if it fits, it stays. They literally set up chairs, coolers, even portable speakers that boom with the latest local tunes, and before you know it, it is a large gathering of groups of people that simply hang out, drink a few beers, and listen to music with their friends – in the parking lot of a gas station. Everyone is very friendly, and don’t be surprised if you get offered a chair and a beer or two, on your way to the food truck. As you round the building you will see a white food truck adjacent to an outdoor canopy, much similar to those you see in the outdoor furniture sections of Home Depot or Lowes. Strings of lights run back and forth from one end of the tent to the other, giving the small patio area, a cozy backyard feel. Once you are about 15-20 paces from the truck you’ll start smelling the bacon, citrus, and grilled meats. Walk up to the truck window, get greeted by Marco and order any of the mouthwatering and hunger-satiating dishes they offer such as tacos, burritos and quesadillas custom made with all your likings exactly the way you

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