Essay on Willy Russell 's Play As A Comedy For Many Reasons

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The opening scene does conform the play as a comedy for many reasons. Willy Russell demonstrates comedy in Act 1 Scene 1 by using cultural references through the characters of Rita and Frank. Comedy is also created through miscommunication, slapstick humour, juxtapositions and bawdy humour. The play was set in the 1980s when the class system was a divide between Upper class, Middle class and the Working class, Willy Russell Shows the different classes through the characters of Rita and Frank, how Frank is a middle class tutor and Rita is working class, this can create comedy in the play as this difference can be used in many ways.
Firstly as the play was set in the 1980s, the class difference was recognised, Willy Russell demonstrates the different classes between Rita and Frank. Willy Russell uses this cultural differences to be a comedic convention and creates comedy through this effect. This can be shown through miscommunication and how Rita expresses herself. This is largely presented in the first scene as it is how Rita and Frank are firstly introduced and how they get to know each other’s differences. For example when Frank is referring to a writer ‘Yeats’ Rita misinterprets this as ‘The Wine lodge’ This demonstrates the culture clash between the two of them, and how it is clearly implied that have very different educational backgrounds. Frank often pauses in moments like this which is known as comedic halting and as he is somewhat shocked by Rita. This can show how…

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