Essay about William Yeats 's The Rose Upon The Rood Of Time

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In To the Rose upon the Rood of Time, Yeats vividly recounts Ireland’s migration away from tradition and beauty as a result of foreign influence. Yeat’s enriches his poem with vivid imagery to expound Ireland’s beauty, yet juxtaposes it against images of fear; symbolizing the fear of change. He then fixates on old Irish stories, beliefs, and dialects; as he desires to once more ‘sing’ and ‘chant’ the ‘ancient ways’. However, no matter how much he desires the ‘ancient ways’, he is perpetually scared to get too close. Communally, Yeats uses imagery combined with juxtaposition to rapidly change tone; challenging the modern existence of Ireland’s ‘ancient ways’, and expose the hopelessness of its return. Nature imagery is introduced from the first line of the poem, as he paints the picture of a “red Rose, proud Rose, sad Rose of all my days!” (Line 1). Roses in Irish poetry often symbolize a nationalists view of Ireland’s beauty. The ‘rose’ is the primary subject of this poem, however, it is no ordinary rose, for this rose is capitalized. Initial capitalization is used for proper nouns, which do represent the names of a place. Therefore, understanding the Rose’s symbolic meaning in Irish poetry, combined with its capitalization, allows the reader to successfully connote the Rose’s true meaning; Ireland’s beauty. Yeat’s fills this line with countless caesuras, changing the rhythm, breaking apart the line into single parts for the reader to ponder through. His first portrayal of…

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