William Yeats As A Poet Essay

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The majority of a young person’s life is spent being focused and driven towards the future. From the age of five children are put into schools and forced to learn information that will help them in the future. None of them are given a say in this, it is just the way that it is and for children that is a very simple fact to accept. There is, however, a point when individuals reach a certain age and they are no longer expected to look towards the future, but to the past. They are quickly brushed off by the society that brought them up and forced to spend the last decades of their lives looking to the past because they can no longer contribute to society. William Yeats was a poet who saw this pattern in society many years ago and decided to analyze it through a poem called Sailing To Byzantium. In this poem he starts out with the phrase, “This is no country for old men…” (Line One). The world is designed for the young people who have their whole lives ahead of them and endless possibilities, but once they reach a certain age they are no longer useful. It is at this point that Yeats points out that old men often spend their time reminiscing about the past. Yeats points out some of the same things that Alfred Tennyson points out in his poem Ulysses. Tennyson points out that when men grow old they go back to what they did in their youth. He demonstrates this by illustrating a poem that describes how Ulysses is deciding to go on another journey because he wants to live his life to…

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