William Wordsworth's Power Of Nature And Romanticism

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Romanticism is a rebellion against neo-classicism. During the Romantic period, the English Civil war taking place and the pressure felt from the external world led them to feel insecure. Therefore, Romanticism took place and they focused on individualism, inspiration, imagination, intuition and idealism. For these five motifs to succeed, the writers during this era looked upon nature and considered nature as the source of all the five motifs. Therefore, nature became the main theme in the Romantic Poets’ work and the romantic poets’ worshipped nature as well as the connection between romanticism and nature may have also risen in part as a backlash against the scientific emphasis of enlightenment philosophy, and against the cultural norms of …show more content…
It even gives the reader a vivid picture of common people in very happy state after living in with the nature. William Wordsworth’s experience with nature makes it easier to express an individual’s emotions and he says that the connection that he felt with nature as an adult was more significant because he felt the moral connection. He realized god through nature and he worshipped nature from the core of his heart. The experience of visiting the countryside and the desire to go along with the power of nature to move forward is emphasized more because pessimism on life is withdrawn. Wordsworth alludes to pantheism where god and nature are not separated, A presence… setting suns (94-97, pg.9) shows the theme and the presence of divine force in the nature. Wordsworth presents a more aloof depiction of nature in 'Tintern Abbey', where the persona comes back to the nation following five years and feels a feeling of wistfulness as he sees 'These waters, moving from their mountain-springs'(Peck, n.d.). Creative energy and feeling are more essential than reason and formal tenets; creative energy is a passage to extraordinary experience and …show more content…
Nature consoled the spirit of the people who were tired, hopeless and needed inspiration. The Romantic poets’ ability to interpret and develop their writing was more polished and they could inspire other people that there was life ahead.
Coleridge on the other hand is trying to get rid of his pain through nature and wants the nature to cherish him. He wants the storm to rob him of his distress (C, Samuel Taylor, line 83 pg.16.). He cherished nature and the nature gave him happiness, therefore, he wants the same sensation to take over his sadness. Coleridge is trying to find happiness in and among nature but it seems that nature is not helping him much. Therefore, stating that nature does not provide you with inspiration if a person is incapable to take

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