Essay about William Wordsworth 's The World Is Too Much With Us

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William Wordsworth uses romanticism style of writing to express his sorrow between nature and inhumane society. William Wordsworth’s main primary type of poem is a “Romanticism” (European Graduate School EGS). In William Wordsworth’s short poem “The world is too much with us” (Wordsworth) simply describes the title itself and may be a reasonably straightforward poem. However, do not already presume that there is a lack of a strong meaning and a strong understanding of this straightforward poem. By way of to understanding the meaning of William Wordsworth’s poem “The world is too much with us” (Wordsworth) is greatly identical to the literal reading. From critical analysis and explicating, it is pretty obvious that the poem uncovers the profundity of the author’s message. After reading the a few lines of the poem, it is easy to tell that Wordsworth is not blessed with the change in today’s society and how human beings are becoming more greedy and selfish. To prove his message on today’s society the author says “Getting and spending, we lay waste to our powers” (Wordsworth) and “We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon” (Wordsworth) From these two quotes, Wordsworth explains that there are so many things in this world but that will never be enough for the human race because they seem to always want more than they can expect; so as in result, selfishness, takes control over and they forget about the meaning of their lives and the hearts they carry. “For this, for…

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