Essay on William Wordsworth 's The Prelude And The Tables

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It is incredible how people describe with such detail what the brain sees. Each person has there own way of explaining or representing what they see, with little or a lot of detail and examples. There are people that have a certain connection with nature and how it affects them. William Wordsworth is an example of a person who wrote about nature, regarding how he sees it and how it affects him personally. Wordsworth was an English Romantic poet, of which whom started the Romantic Age in English literature. When his mother had died, his father had sent him to Hawkshead Grammar School. With the presence of his parents, William Wordsworth was influenced to study poetry. He truly was inspired by nature and wrote poetry on it, regarding how it affects him and how his mind perceives its presence. He wrote with much detail towards nature, he didn’t have any hatred towards it. In his poems The Prelude and The Tables have Turned, William Wordsworth expresses his personal life and how he is affected by different environments during his life, in relation to the world, his life, and his work.
William Wordsworth and his impact with the world at the time. “Wordsworth writes on the need for “common speech” within poems and argues against the hierarchy of the period which valued epic poetry above the lyric” (William Wordsworth Poems). William Wordsworth created a different writing style by expressing the love of nature instead of the style that was used during the time.

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