William Wordsworth 's The Other Side Of The Mirror Essay

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Wharton and Coleridge works pose the theme of marriage in vastly different lights. Wharton through her use of humor and lighter tone conveyed that marriage can be a contract and common ground established. Coleridge illustrates an opposing view trough time and evolution of characters and tone. Her exclamatory endings speak volumes of plight that often plagues marriage in her time.
In Coleridge 's "The Other Side of the Mirror”, we are immediately shown how the speaker feels about aging and Coleridge’s general idea on it as well. Aging is the death of a woman, "A face bereft of loveliness, it had no envy now to hide" (1410). Coleridge defines a woman’s worth based on her looks, however harsh in this time if women no longer had beauty or never were you had no prospects. No hope of gaining and only settling could spare you the poor house. Coleridge shows a woman going through the transformation of age; we find that it is in fact the speaker looking at her own reflection rather than a picture. This realization that "Unlike the aspects glad and gay, that erst were found reflected there-the vision of a woman, wild, with more than womanly despair" (1410). is important because this shows how Coleridge views a women in marriage as well. She is for the barring of a legacy and keeping up appearances however, after that, she is nothing. She has lost her years as a beautiful maiden and now sinks as an old woman.
In youth there is room to be fickle and without focus on what is happening…

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