William Wordsworth 's `` The Father Of Romanticism `` And The World Is Too Much With Us.

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The Romantic era in English literature generated an entire new realm of language, poetry, and thematic sources for new works and writers. Great writers from this time period included William Blake, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and William Wordsworth, to name a few (Baugh).William Wordsworth is still very well known today for his simplistic language and thematic style of writing, especially that in poetry. The “Father of Romanticism” as some critics say, William Wordsworth creates a Godlike image of nature throughout his poems “Calm is All Nature as a Resting Wheel,” “Daffodils,” and “The World is Too Much with Us.”
Although Romanticism is associated with love stories today, this was not the connection people made with it centuries ago. Romanticism means a unrealistic or imaginative thought. As a reaction to political changes, industrialization, and period of works before, the Romantic Era was about being completely different from what the norm was (Baugh). Most of the significant changes brought on by the Romantic Era were in education, natural sciences, and the arts: specifically those in literature (Bloom).
Many of the Romantic writers used the Lake District in England as an inspiration for their works (Kahn).William Wordsworth spent many years with his sister Dorothy, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge living in the area and writing about the political and natural side of the world (Bober).William Wordsworth was not as accomplished as a writer until his friendship with…

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