William Wordsworth 's Poetry At The Age Of 16 Essay examples

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The way that William Wordsworth wrote changed people 's thinking and revolutionized the romanticism of literature. William Wordsworth began writing poetry at a very young age. At the age of 16 Wordsworth composed a poem entitled The Pog: An Idyllium. (Wu, 1). When his mother died, he was sent to a grammar school which helped improve his poetry skills. His enthusiasm for the French Revolution took him to France again in 1791, where he had an affair with Annette Vallon, who bore him an illegitimate daughter, Caroline, in 1792 (Everett, 1). Having run out of money, Wordsworth returned to England the following year, and the Anglo-French war, following the Reign of Terror, prevented his return for nine years. In 1794 he was reunited with his sister Dorothy, who became his companion, close friend, moral support, and housekeeper until her physical and mental decline in the 1830s. The next year he met Coleridge, and the three of them grew very close, the two men meeting daily in 1797-98 to talk about poetry and to plan Lyrical Ballads, which came out in 1798. The three friends travelled to Germany that fall, a trip that produced intellectual stimulation for Coleridge and homesickness for Wordsworth. After their return, William and Dorothy settled in his beloved Lake district, near Grasmere (Everett, 1). The Peace of Amiens in 1802 allowed Wordsworth and his sister to visit France again to see Annette and Caroline. They arrived at a mutually agreeable settlement, and a few months…

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