William Wordsworth 's Poetry And Poetry Essay

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When researching William Wordsworth, it’s easy to see the influence he had on what would become the Romantic Period. He wrote during the 18th century and help create the Romantic period. Wordsworth wrote both prose and poetry, and poetry was his way of expressing himself (as the Romantic Period was known for). Wordsworth is mostly remembered for being a poet and one of his main inspirations was nature. His partnership with Samuel Taylor Coleridge produces Lyrical Ballads that were full of poems that are still read and interpreted today, along with a preface in a second edition. Lyrical Ballads introduced Romanticism to English poetry. I learned that Wordsworth “valued” epic poetry above lyric and I can see that shining through in his poems because of their length. Wordsworth used nature around him to inspire him mind when writing his poetry. This emerged from his dwelling in the Lake District. One of the websites I visited when researching the Lake District features photos with the caption to “Get Inspired.” Researching this vast and beautiful land, I can easily see how it inspired Wordsworth and I can see how it shows in the poems we had to do for the Lyrical Ballads reading. I learned that Grasmere was the place where Wordsworth specifically stayed with his wife and children. It seems like the Lake District and Grasmere were filled with different landscapes and Wordsworth was surrounded by nature. I think this is why it’s one of his themes in his poems. When I looked up…

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