William Wordsworth 's Poetry : A New Kind Of Poetry During The Romantic Era

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Wordsworth started a new kind of poetry during the romantic era. Prior to the romantic era most poetry and poets were attempting to imitate some of the ancient greats like Homer and Virgil, in a period called Neoclassicism. Neoclassical poetry focused on an ordered structure, regular meter and intricate word choice. Wordsworth broke free of this tradition by submitting the idea that poetry should be more spontaneous and focus on the mundane events in everyday life. He took away the belief that every poem had to deliver a bigger meaning to the people and that it’s only meant to be for the educated class. He sought to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and with this mind set, he brought about a new type of poetry and influence many great authors to come. Michael reflects Wordsworth’s theory that poetry should shift away from neoclassical styles and start focusing on the “situations from the common life” by centering around a non-extravagant story line, using language that is specifically not above the common folk understanding and not written to deliver a larger message but simply to provoke emotion. Wordsworth was only the spark that started a whole new explosion of changing poetry. Michael’s story is one of a simple farmer and his family. Wordsworth specifically chose this topic to be one of his stories because it was not a fantasy like tale that many neoclassical poets focused their writing on, but instead a much simpler relatable tale. The entire plot line is focused…

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