Essay about William Wordsworth 's My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold

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William Wordsworth, an idealistic poet, grew up as an orphan with his four siblings. He went on a walking tour in Europe before his last semester in college, which influenced both his love for poetry and his political views. Wadsworth found himself in Europe during the French Revolution and that is when he began his “interest and sympathy for the life, troubles, and speech of the common man” ( Losing two of his children definitely impacted William to become the poet that we know of today. In “My heart leaps up when I behold” and “Mutability” Wordsworth uses themes of nature and time, as well as imagery to argue that humans should enjoy and use the time they are given more wisely.
Wordsworth embraces his never ending joy for rainbows in “My heart leaps up when I behold” by including his past, present and future. He clarifies that “so it was when [his] life began” (line 3) he has loved rainbows. He still gets excited by a rainbows sight even as a wiser man and he is sure that his passion will remain for the rest of his life, “So be it when I shall grow old, or let me die” (Lines 5-6). In “Mutability” Wordsworth states that there is no way to escape from the results of time. He discusses the fact that death can rise or sink such as a musical scale that goes up and down: “And sink from high to low, along a scale of awful notes, whose concord shall not fail” (lines 2-3). His message is to allow everyone to realize that death is a natural thing and it needs to be…

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