William Wordsworth 's `` A Letter Of The Bishop Of Llandaff ``

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William Wordsworth grew up during an age of revolution. He was born in England in 1770 to a farming family. By the age of thirteen he was orphaned, so he understood the hardships that afflicted the lower classes. He could not help but be touched by the spirit of the times. As a young man, after grammar school, he went on a tour of Europe. This gave him a perspective that many others did not share considering most individuals during this time never travelled very far from the homes they were born in. Wordsworth’s political leanings changed over the years and these changes can clearly be seen in his writing. He wrote about the plight of the common man and admonished, in “A Letter to the Bishop of Llandaff,” Richard Watson for rebuking the French Revolution showing his more radical leanings in the early 1790’s. Also, in the “Preface” to Lyrical Ballads written in 1800, he showed how much he empathized with the common man and that he truly wished to relate to and elevate the lower classes. This was one of the principals of the French Revolution. In writings like “Tintern Abbey,” he seems to be turning from his more revolutionary ideas, likely due to the amount of violence brought on the people from the Reign of Terror. When evaluating each of these pieces of Wordsworth’s writings it is clear that the French Revolution greatly affected the poet’s works and that his political leaning evolved over the course of the last decade of the eighteenth century.
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