William Wordsworth Figurative Language

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William Wordsworth was an English poet that was famous for his romantic poems. William was the launcher of the romantic age of English literature. He was born on April 7, 1770. He joined Hawkshead grammar school in Cambridge. Around 1790 he went through France and Switzerland, after one year, he went back to France again. William character is a bit difficult and complicated. He was self-centered and hard. He preferred solitary to social life as all writers and poets. William has a unique point of view. He always said “ every great poet is a teacher”. He always believed in his poems and he had the firmest faith in their influence. Every line in his poetries cares about every little detail of the landscape, but that was not only the most …show more content…
For example (cloud – hills – crowd – daffodils – tress – breeze). This poem also has a lot of figurative language and there are so many examples, “I wandered lonely as a cloud” is a clear simile because he compared or assumed himself as a cloud wandering in the sky. Also, there alliteration in different parts of the poem, for example “ h “ in high and hills. By talking about imagery, we find that Williams poem gives us a clear picture if trees, mountains, stars and fields and putting them in comparison with the milky way. While taking a deep look at the language of the poem and imagery, we find that it’s a transcription of a personal experience of “William Wordsworth” because as we see the poem started with “ I “. Most importantly, the personal experience makes the description of the poem more powerful, culturally because it's something that really happened not only imagination. So the poem needs to be read biographically and always we have to keep in mind when the poet writes in the first person there is always an autobiographical dimension. The variety of vocabulary in this poem has a huge range and it refers to many things such as loneliness, solitary and how nature and society go in opposite directions. Also words like stars, twinkle and milky way it gives us the space to imagine how was the theme and how was the atmosphere around his

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