Romanticism: The Romantic Era

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What is romanticism? Romanticism was the largest artistic movement, it appeared after the French revolution and the Napoleonic wars at the late 1700s. The influence of the romantic era was felt through every artistic discipline in the nineteenth century; Romanticism was seen as a shift from the faith in reason to the faith in senses and feelings, it diverted the artistic interests from the urban society to the nature and the rural community. Romanticism shares many features as first, love of nature (romantic poems highlight on love of the nature and respect the primitivism and valuing the natural man, on the other side ignoring the urbanization). Second, supernatural romantics were interested in the supernatural that included in their writings, the gothic and the exotic. Further, the romantic era had many poets like William Blake, Lord Bayron, Jonn Keats and William Wordsworth. First, for William Wordsworth he was the poet of nature, Wordsworth attempted to represent a unitary self that is maintained over time by the activity of memory. Nature was used in his poem as healing entity, teacher or moral guardian. Also, he used subjectivity he expresses his thoughts and feelings through his …show more content…
Further, we recognized the names of the important poets that appeared there; who’s the most famous poet was William Wordsworth. Furthermore, we discussed the analysis of the poem “daffodils” which was describing the beauty of the nature with very nice imagination and personification. Also, we knew more about Dorothy William’s sister who inspired his poets and both were well- known by their love to the nature and how describe it in a professional way one by prose and the other by poetry. At the end we saw how Wordsworth poem shifted totally our interests to the nature and taught us how to love

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