William Woolf 's A Room Of One 's Own Essay

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How can historical fiction, modernism, philosophical literature, and tragedy be interwoven into a book that is no thicker then a paintbrush used to create a masterpiece? Well there are two explanations. First, the unofficial yet real genre of A Room of One 's Own to me is an "essay", but that 's not really a fictional genre as much as it an formal attempt to write on a particular subject. Yet, Woolf is using her modernistic talents to convice us, the reader, that her thesis is realist; but also in the way in which she masterfully crafts a work of fiction. Secondly, by flavoring her style with the heavy use of tragedy, introspective insight, and exempla, she creates an ethereal beast that touches the anima of both sexes and societies.
Simply stating that Woolf is a major Modernist writer is an underwhelming expression of views, when it is comprehensible that Woolf’s writing carved out the path for other women writers to follow her and become enlightened. The novel A Room of One’s Own is considered by many as the first and foremost work in feminist interpretation. The fact the she was a Modernist writer is what gave her the authority to make an impact with her words. See, the thing about Modernism is that there will always be an overwhelming number of ways of producing it, as there are those in the world who are writing it. Here, though, in A Room of One’s Own, one could conclude that her take on Modernism was occupied with reflecting on analytical thoughts; then transcribing…

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