William Victor 's Poetry : An Ancient Form Of Art Essay

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Poetry is an ancient form of art that has been around since writing has become widely used. People throughout history have used it to describe emotions, the natural worlds, and stories and events. Poetry has been one of the main descriptive mediums in many cultures, with different cultures using different types of poetry, from haikus from the Japanese, or epic poetry made most famous by the Greeks with Odysseus. According to many famous philosophers and poets, poetry contains certain units that composite poetry and make up the unique styles that fill the world. Tone, setting, rhyming, and word devices can all be used in poetry to create beautiful works of art. As William Victor describes his interpretation of creative poetry, “Poets decide how long each line is going to be and where it will break off. [To create certain meanings].” (Victor) As Aristotle creates in his work, Tragedy and the emotions of Pity and Fear, he describes several different elements that can be related to the work of Pope and elements are common between the two. Aristotle maintains the certainty that plot is the most important part of any poem and creates the backbone from which the other pieces of the poem come together. As with all things that arise, there are natural critics to poetry, and Pope describes this in his essay, An Essay on Criticism. After reading the Tragedy and the Emotions of Pity and Fear and An Essay on Criticism, it is easily discernable what important roles poetry has on the…

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