William Tyndale's Impact On The Bible

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“ Some courageous souls nevertheless determined to translate the bible into english.” (Ellis) William Tyndale was a reformer and translator in the treacherous time of the Catholic church around the 1520’s -1530’s. he was one of the first people to translate the Bible into english language, but at that time people were not allowed to have bibles so it made his job risky and dangerous. William Tyndale made a significant impact on the world by translating and printing the Bible, the timing in which he did this, creating something of such importance nowadays, and also making his own legacy while doing his work.

Most people around the world have heard about the Bible or know what it is about but don’t know that William Tyndale made it to be what it is today. William Tyndale was the first person to be recognized for translating and printing the Bible in mass amounts. “ It is fair to say that the king james Bible is one of the most popular and, in many quarters, beloved books in the english language” ( Anderson ) The bible has a sensational effect around the world. The Bible had been printed before but never in english so at that time it was really astonishing even more than now. Tyndale's
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William tyndale changed the world by the way that he translated the bible to go against what the catholic church which was a very daring task at that time. The translation had perfect timing the timing, it was when the catholic church was starting its reformation. Tyndale wasn't only known for the bible he was also known for his literature and also his contributions of phrases to the english language. His impact changed the world but more specifically the christian religion and the english language, it would be like it is today without his

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