William Turner And The Barber 's Shop Essay

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In the western art history, there are two great landscape painters from England: Joseph Mallord William Turner (baptized 14 May 1775 – 19 December 1851) and John Constable. They are regarded as the two people really let British landscape painting get rid of the influence from Holland, France, and Italy, and get own independence. In “Turner and the Barber’s Shop”, author John Berger narrates the life and art of one of those two great painters: Joseph Turner. Turner was born in London, the son of a barber. “He was a child prodigy” and entered the Royal Academy Schools at fourteen (215). Next, he had his own studio at eighteen, and his father becomes the assistant and factotum. He had very close relation with his father, and the barber’s shop affected his later painting style a lot too. Turner traveled a great deal during his life, “but in most of his chosen themes water, coastlines, or river banks”(214). He recorded those natural landscapes by painting in a private and extraordinary painting style, which he called its practicability because it is not romantic as the classic impressionism art; it is more full of reality. In his landscapes, nature appears as violence and turbulence to “made a deep moral appeal”. The judgment towards his life and art was also raised, but he still owns the grandiloquent ambition that “he had outpainted Claude Lorrain”(217). In the end, he became a recluse. His solitariness is the result and a by-product of his escapism of people’s judgment and his…

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