William Shakespeare's Impact On English Literature

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Over the years many literary figures have come up and made an impact on the current form of the English literature. However, with more fame and value a person gets the more controversy and rumors are to be spread about them. From the many historical literary figures that have made a strong impact on English literature today is William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is known for his original way of writing plays, stories and poems. He had a way to manipulate the language in an artistic way that captures the attention of the readers and other literary figures.
Shakespeare gains his unique reputation from his fans and his critics over 400 years till now a day. These illustrate the huge effects of his work on new and historical English
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His history plays Henry the Sixth, Parts 1, 2, and 3, and The Tragedy of Richard the Third had established him as a significant force in London theater” (Shakespeare iv).
On the other hand, some claim that “… Shakespeare was … a rough, even uneducated poet, whose talent was ‘natural’, and whose works demanded ‘improvement’ for a more refined age” (Pearson 5). This issue could be explained by some scholars that he did not attend any university and the grammar school was low academically which explains Shakespeare’s “unique” writing. Others argue that “Shakespeare” plays were not written by Shakespeare himself. Some allege that
“There never was an Elizabethan playwright named William Shakespeare. There was an Elizabethan actor by the name of William Shaxper or Shakspere [who was] born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. When academics speak of the historical William Shakespeare they are referring to this actor [not the play and sonnet wrier]” (Cutler 17).
Others say that “There are no original manuscripts of the plays or the poems, no letters and only six shaky signatures, all in dispute (Cutler 17)”.
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Another reason that Shakespeare is suspected of having a male lover is because of his school life that “…was for boys only” (Garden 28). Which may be explain why he married an older woman, to be out of obligation to his social standard, and why he would refer to a male lover in his sonnets and even some of his plays.
Despite of all the positive and negative thoughts that we may built about William Shakespeare. No one can deny his massive effect on the English language. Today, Shakespeare’s work has become an essential requirement in many schools and universities around the world. His method of writing, called sheaksperian has become a sign of his grand effect on the English literature that we use today. For examples, some countries, like India, only accept those who have studies Shakespeare to be fully competent of the English language (BBC news, 2016). Also, a proof of his attractive reputation that has survived almost 400 years; we still celebrate his authenticity and effort to our entertainment and education. For example, the prince of England, Charles, has performed a part of Hamlet during Shakespeare’s

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