William Shakespeare 's Writing Style Essay

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William Shakespeare is perhaps if not the, one of the most commonly recognized literary writers of his time. It is quite appropriate to argue that the vast arsenal of literary work Shakespeare completed throughout his lifetime has widely influenced people and entertainment throughout history and today. William Shakespeare’s work transcends cross-cultural boundaries and builds bridges of literacy between people all over the world. Shakespeare is most commonly known for his writing style. Though rather complex to follow cohesively at first due to the old-fashioned English dialogue, the intricacy of his writing style is easily recognized as belonging to Shakespeare. He along with his work is not easily mistaken for someone else’s. He is primarily known for his utilization of iambic pentameter when writing or that of blank verse (William Shakespeare Biography). Aside from his unique writing style, Shakespeare is predominately known for creating work that fit into one (or perhaps encompassing elements) of three categories: history, comedies and tragedies (William Shakespeare Biography). William Shakespeare’s work has long played a significant and particularly quite influential and significant facet of film and television throughout the years. The majority of audiences (all around the world for that matter) have seen several varieties of adaptations of Shakespeare’s work through different directorial perspectives. Whether it be the ever so famous Baz Luhrmann adaptation of Romeo…

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