William Shakespeare 's Use Of The Time Machine For Spend A Day With

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William Shakespeare is the individual I would use the time machine for to spend a day with. I would spend April 16, 1616 with him, which is a week from his death. I chose this date because I would like to speak with the brilliant writer when he has already accomplished everything, reached success, and to reflect on his entire life as opposed to sitting with him and reflect on only half his life. "For more than two decades, Shakespeare had multiple roles in the London theater as an actor, playwright, and, in time, a business partner in a major acting company, the Lord Chamberlain 's Men... he became steadily more famous in the London theater world; his name, which was not even listed on the first quartos of his plays, became a regular feature..." (Folger). William Shakespeare was a man that made history. Coining over 1,700 words, and contributing a heavy load to the English language, Shakespeare is seen as the icon of English. Other than writing plays, sonnets, and poets, Shakespeare acted in the plays. He even performed for and intrigued Queen Elizabeth I. I didn 't have to think about Shakespeare being my final choice. He is someone I have admired from a young age. I think no writer compares to Shakespeare 's talent in writing, and he is the king of the English language. His life involves a lot of accomplishments and events that made history. His work comes from a different dimension. It 's absolutely breathtaking how his writing grasps you emotionally, and never ceases…

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