William Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night Essay

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Shakespeare addresses the positive and negative qualities of humanity through his play Twelfth Night. Although, the audience can see the characters mocking negative human behaviour by showing the fickle nature of love, characters choosing immoral decisions, and the corrupt behavior that is present in this play. Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night utilizes characters, such as Olivia, Maria, and Sir Toby to show the negativity of human behaviour. Olivia demonstrates the fickle nature of love through her unrealistic act of falling in love within minutes. Sir Toby displays a negative human quality of his immoral behaviour and decision making by carelessly using others for his own needs. Maria shows the depraved acts in Twelfth Night when she manipulates and plays cruel jokes on others to find satisfaction from so. This shows that human behaviour has many flaws, and this is how Shakespeare exploits the negative qualities through his characters in this play by showing the act of unstable love, the immoral decisions, and corrupt behaviour.
Firstly, Shakespeare displays a negative view of humanity by the act of the fickle nature of love in Twelfth Night. He utilizes the characters in this play to show that humans can be so ignorant and careless for the love they seek. Shakespeare demonstrates this by the use of Olivia when she falls in love with Viola-Cesario, a woman dressed as a man. But Olivia looks past hints from Viola-Cesario, and is blinded by the appearance and other qualities…

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