William Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night Essay

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Love is an unyielding force that eventually humbles us all. In his comedies, William Shakespeare attempts to define this elusive entity in the play Twelfth Night . The Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy about a girl named Viola who has to disguise herself as a man for protection after a shipwreck where she thought she lost her brother. As the play continues Viola develops feelings for the man she works for Orsino although he is a lovesick fool for Olivia who doesn’t want a relationship because she is still mourning over her brother. Orsino asks for Viola’s help to get Olivia to choose him. This doesn’t work in his favor because Olivia starts to fall for Viola. This forms a love triangle. In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night the most common theme is the mystery of love; focusing on the love triangle between Duke Orsino, Olivia, and Viola.
Duke Orsino is an important character because throughout the play he changes from being lovesick for Olivia to being in love with the idea of Olivia. In Twelfth Night Orsino asks disguised Viola to help him win over Olivia. Although this ends up failing because Olivia becomes more fond of disguised Viola than Orsino. When Orsino asks Cesario to help him woo Olivia over he makes the remark, “And all is semblative a woman’s part” (Twelfth Night Act I.iv). Orsino is sending disguised Viola because she is very ladylike and would sound more appealing to Olivia whereas if he went himself. This is ironic since she is actually a women. Throughout the play…

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