William Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night Essay

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Twelfth Night a play by William Shakespeare displays Northrop Frye’s perspective of comedy. Northrop Frye says that the basic formula is when a young man loves a young woman. They are opposed by an obstacle, most often the woman 's father. Through plot twist they get married. Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy was expressed through gender, love, social ambition, and sex. Comedy is displayed in the play when the characters are drunk and almost about to pass out. They always manage to surprise us with their witty speech. In Northrop Frye’s essay of comedy, love was stopped by their fathers, but in Twelfth Night love was stopped by one person not having the same affection by their fathers. Their love faced many obstacles, but at the end they lived happily ever after. The play “Twelfth Night” is a plot to this comedy. It creates a different atmosphere for the audience and helps lead them to the development of the characters. “The main idea of Shakespearean comedy is to present innocent pleasure and delight”. This quote explains the role of viola in the play because she had good intentions, but she had bad results that turn into something totally bad. She disguises herself as Sebastian who passed away. Olivia pretending to be a man falling in love with a female proves to show how women is the main focus in the play. This play being a comedy had many benefits to the audience it impacted their lives in a positive way and comedy is a quick and easy way to escape their problems in…

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