Essay about William Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night

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Everybody seems to have the same notion of love. They picture the same stereotypical, love at first sight romance. Often in literature, writers explore the different types of love. Of course the great William Shakespeare also analyzes loves different forms in his many comedies. In one of his most unique comedies, Twelfth Night, Shakespeare reminds us that love isn 't always the typical, fantastical love story by portraying many different types of love.

The first, and most obvious love portrayed in Twelfth Night is romantic, true love. This genuine love is displayed by Viola and her love for Duke Orsino. Viola disguises herself as a man and ends up falling madly in love with Duke Orsino. She tried to hide her true affections for the Duke, while at the same time, secretly hoping to earn his love. Viola’s affection for the Duke is so overwhelming that she does anything for him. She devoted herself to wooing Olivia for Orsino despite her own romantic feeling towards him. “Whoe’er she woos herself would be his wife.”(Act I, iv). Viola shows she is willing to sacrifice her own relationship and happiness in order to please Duke Orsino. Violas pure love for the Duke was so powerful that she exclaimed, “To do you rest, a thousand deaths I would die.” (Act V, i). Violas offer to sacrifice herself shows the maddening effects that true love can induce. Her sincere affection for Orsino clearly represents the romantic, true love in Twelfth Night.

Another form of love that Shakespeare…

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