William Shakespeare 's The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar Essay

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Antony to Rule the Republic In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, leadership and the implications surrounding it are recurring themes. Shakespeare’s insights into the human condition create the political setting and mood of the play, which centers on a group of men in various leadership positions. This focus on realistic human condition depicts flawed characters. Their flaws then are unavoidable due to the flawed nature of the world. With all these faults in character, the question remains: who, if anyone, is best fit to lead? Marc Antony may seem like the less obvious choice, but his charisma, experience, and oratory skills equate him to Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy. His military experience and the respect gained from it would help him, as it helped Washington, Grant, and Eisenhower, into the position as president. Antony possesses skills that some of the greatest presidents in American history possessed, and therefore, would be the most fitting as a presidential candidate.
One essential aspect of leadership is having the power to persuade. In order to maintain credibility and respect with the public, a leader must be able to arouse strong emotions by defining a vision which captivates and unites them. Marc Antony’s oratory ability helps him win over the people of Rome and gain credibility to unite them against a common enemy: the conspiracy. He knows the power of persuasion and shows this power in his speech at the funeral of Caesar. With only a…

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