Essay on William Shakespeare 's The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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Whether public speeches result from those such as Adolf Hitler or Martin Luther King, Jr., their remarkable ability to ignite the population persuades people to take up arms regardless of the cause. In the midst of Act III in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brutus and Antony both speak to the bewildered citizenry regarding Caesar’s demise. Resulting from a handful of conspirators assassinating him in the Senate, Caesar’s death sparks chaos which demands explanation. Thus, some individuals assert Brutus’ speech over Antony’s by claiming that Brutus’ effect and ability to direct his point sooner propel him higher than Antony. Unfortunately, this argument fails to acknowledge Antony’s mightier impact on the audience and his employment of a larger variety of strategies. Furthermore, throughout the Roman politician’s commentary over Caesar’s corpse, Marc Antony manipulates a multitude of techniques to sway the congregation and establish himself as the first-rate orator of Act III in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Many of these techniques emerge in the beginning and permeate Marc Antony’s entire speech. Caesar’s best friend, Antony, provides an excellent assortment of situations that contain logos to prove his point that Caesar’s ambition benefits Rome. On the other hand, many arguments allege that Antony’s use of logos on Caesar’s actions juxtaposes the reality of Caesar’s endeavors, yet these arguments overlook that many of Caesar’s operation improve the livelihood of the Roman…

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