William Shakespeare 's The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar Essay

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The foundation of any well maintained and genuine relationship is primarily based on the idea of an expectation of loyalty. Loyalty is the faithfulness or devotion to a person, cause, or nation, and staying with this allegiance no matter what. The only difficulty with loyalty is that in order to gain favorable results, it is critical to put loyalty into the right cause. William Shakespeare, the playwright of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, demonstrates drastic changes and shifts of loyalty from friends to foe throughout his work. Though this play includes many changes of loyalty between people, these people still remain devoted to their origin. Unsound loyalty may induce calamitous results, but putting loyalty towards the correct cause can create exceptional outcomes.
Throughout this play, the plebeians are portrayed as easily manipulated and even very fickle at times. Once an idea is presented to them, they immediately become loyal to the person, usually attaining authority, who has appealed to them. At the beginning of the story, Murrellus and Flavius point out the fickle behavior, criticizing their celebration of Caesar’s return, when they were triumphing over Pompey a while before the play began. When Brutus and Antony gives their speeches, the plebeians take no time to determine the consequences before changing their loyalty. After Brutus gives his speech, they exclaim, “Give him a statue with his ancestors! (III.ii.48). However, after Antony’s speech, they upend their…

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