William Shakespeare 's The Tempest Essay

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The Tempest, as William Shakespeare 's final play, it carries forth many of the famous playwrights tropes and favorite themes, though some of these more traditional, and borrowed techniques are slightly altered within the play itself. Shakespeare was very noted for portraying himself in his writing, making the audience and players aware of his decisions as a storyteller. This is incredibly apparent and generally takes the form of fate, crossing nearly every one of his plays. Fate tends to the be the at the forefront of all conflict within Shakespeare’s plays and is portrayed in physical beings such as, Oberon, Puck, Ariel, Hecate and her witches. With these portrayals Shakespeare also invokes the idea of magic, or spiritual alchemy. With this being just as present of a theme in his play as the playwrights self reference. Beyond the mysticism, Shakespeare does some more common writing tropes, such as character doubling, though he tends to take it step above by creating character feedback loops, spirals of corruption between two characters that can be the end of a hero, such as Hamlet, or the start of a villain like Macbeth. Courtly love is another exemplified theme that rears hints in each of the previously mentioned plays, as well as Midsummer Nights Dream. Each one of these elements has its place within specific plays, though, The Tempest not only brush with each of these key aspects, but uses them in a unique combination to create a play that is apart from the rest of his…

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