William Shakespeare 's The Tempest Essay

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The Complex Power Web in the Shakespearean Play The Tempest
Set on a remote island in the Mediterranean Sea, William Shakespeare’s The Tempest tells the tale of a group of diverse people ranging from an air spirit to Italian Nobles who all end up on the same island. As the lives of the Italian Nobles become intertwined with Prospero, the exiled Duke of Milan, for the first time in many years, forces on the island influence each character into a complex resolution. Of most importance to the narrative are the lives of Prospero and Ariel. Prospero, who was once an Italian noble became careless with his dukedom and reverted to his preferred reclusive life as a scholar. In Milan, Prospero becomes more distant and his brother usurps his rule in order to take over his dukedom. Outcast to a remote island, Prospero frees the air spirit Ariel; in return Ariel becomes his servant. On the island, Prospero and Ariel use many magical illusions to influence the outcome of these shipwrecked nobles. While each character demonstrates having different powers in the play, It is possible that one of these characters is actually more powerful than the other. However, by the end of the play, it is obvious that neither characters are more powerful than the other but that they are equally powerful in their own ways. However, when Prospero controls Ariel, they become the most powerful force on the island. In the narrative, Prospero is seen as, and considers himself to be a magical person. Because…

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