William Shakespeare 's The Tempest Essay examples

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In The Tempest by William Shakespeare, Shakespeare uses an illuminating incident, also known as an epiphany. Shakespeare uses Prospero to reveal the inner meaning, the epiphany, gives the work as a whole. An epiphany is an awakening or a realization to a character in a work of literature. In The Tempest, Prospero has an awakening of what he is becoming. An example is, Prospero goes from a loving father to a mentally, controlling father. “Silence! One word more shall make me chide thee if not hate thee” (1.2). This is an example of how Prospero acts when the readers learn that the revenge he is seeking on his brother, is taking over him. Also, a part of Prospero’s epiphany, he treats characters the way he has been treated by his brother, Antonio. For example, in the exposition, us readers see that Prospero has taken away Caliban’s island due to events that has led for strong hatred between the two characters. “You taught me language; and my profit on’t is, I know to curse. The red plague rid you for learning me your language!” (1.2). This is what Caliban says to Prospero in the exposition and we also learn that Caliban is seeking revenge on Prospero. Caliban takes a huge role in Prospero’s epiphany. Prospero comes to the realization that his actions in some degree are the reason Caliban acts the way he does. When Prospero first discovered this island, Caliban shows him how to survive. “… And then I loved thee, and show’d thee all the qualities o’th’ isle, the fresh springs…

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