William Shakespeare 's The Song Of Roland Essay example

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During the middle of the twelfth century, the medieval poet Turold wrote an epic poem that became known as a chanson de geste, or a song of deeds. In which, the ruler Charlemagne is manifested as a fictional character, Charles, along with many others. Like in every great tale, a villain is born. The plot of the Song of Roland unravels essentially because of a declaration of vengeance and actions taken by one character: Ganelon declares, “… I’ll start a feud with you.” (Halverson 661 and Turold 1341). Ganelon plays the role of a villain with little to no redeeming qualities, as do most antagonists. The role Ganelon plays in the Song of Roland displays important feudal relationships and is a representation of Judas Iscariot, because of his actions and relationships towards other characters.
Turold wrote this epic poem in the twelfth century, but the events are set in AD 778. During the time of the historic event, the Battle of Roncesvaux, Charlemagne was on the throne under the Carolingian empire. The Song of Roland portrays Christendom under Charles, though this is not historically accurate. The Church was gaining authority at this time, but it was nowhere near to a complete synthesis of Christianity. This change in the level of dominance the Church possessed was done to appeal to the audience of the twelfth century, where the majority of the people were Christians and the Church held a great authority. This primarily Christian audience paired closely with the author’s…

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