William Shakespeare 's The Renaissance Essay

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As time goes on, society ages. The values people hold dear also changes with time. Throughout history, each new period/age tends to emphasize different values and mindsets. For example, topics such as individuality and humanism were of huge interest during the Renaissance but were less important in the 17th century. “The Renaissance [embraced] a series of religious, economic, and political changes which [rippled] into areas of science, literature, and philosophy” (Judkins). It was during this time that authors such as Shakespeare gained great prominence for exploring the sources of humanity’s ideas and emotions within his works. The 17th century, on the other hand, focused greatly on expression and focused less on the greatness of humanity and advancement. It was this time that gave birth to metaphysical poetry- “dealing with the relationship between spirit to matter or the ultimate nature of reality” (Connor). Each “period” in history is marked with different values that changes its societal norms. Although the Renaissance and 17th century encompassed different beliefs and values, a common topic explored during both of them was love. The nature of love is a common topic that is present throughout both Shakespeare and John Donne’s works. “Sonnet 116” by Shakespeare and “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning” by Donne advocate types of love that transcend the traditional boundaries of physical love; however, while Shakespeare and Donne agree that intellectual or spiritual love…

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