William Shakespeare 's ' The Odyssey ' Essay

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What Love Can Do To a Person

All women wish to find the ideal, perfect man, and all men want to find the beautiful, kind, and amazing woman. A woman (or a man) wants someone that can’t bear to live without her, and someone who will understand her and will never give up on her. In a previous book I read, called “Romeo and Juliet”, I found that true love between Romeo and Juliet. One can’t bear to live without the other, and so they end up killing themselves so they don’t have to live alone in pain and sorrow. Willing to make a sacrifice as great as that shows what I think an ideal love is. In the book “The Odyssey” by Homer that perfect love is portrayed in the relationship between Odysseus and Penelope. Odysseus and Penelope are meant for each other because when they were separated 20 years ago, they fell into grieving and their lives were never the same; an effect as strong as that shows a true love. Additionally, after losing all his men and being stranded on an island, Odysseus sacrifices his manliness pride to get home and see his wife again. Even though Penelope never listened to the prophecies that Odysseus was coming home, she remained faithful to her marriage and refused to marry any of the suitors. When they finally see each other again, the reaction and instant connection shows something special between them that could never be broken.
The strength of the love between Odysseus and Penelope can be seen in the book long before their first physical interaction. In…

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