William Shakespeare 's The Merchant Of Venice Essay

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Imagine a world where everything was blue, except one person was green. This person was often mistreated by all the blue due to it’s different color. This is how Shylock felt in The Merchant of Venice. During the piece, Shylock was often mistreated due to his Jewish religion. He was the outsider that was different in his society. Because of this, many christians pushed him around. Thus, in The Merchant of Venice, a work of William Shakespeare, one will discover why Shylock is a victim. This is shown through the history of Jews mistreatment, Shakespeare’s portrayal of Shylock, and modern interpretations of the text. Throughout history, Jewish people were often misinterpreted. In a nonfiction article, the author talks about Jewish people during Shakespeare 's time, “Even though Jews were not living in England (at least not openly) they represented a stereotype evil, cunning, greed and at the very core, heartlessness” (“Shakespeare’s England” 2). People misinterpreted jewish people often. They wrongly stereotyped everyone with that religion. Shylock received this misjudgement often which gravely affected him. He lived his whole life having society mistreat him. Shakespeare did this to reflect society 's treatment of Jews during his time. This shows that Shylock is a victim among the other Jewish people in England during Shakespeare’s time. He was seen as evil no matter his actions. This molded him into the man he became. He believed in what people thought he was, preventing…

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