William Shakespeare 's The Merchant Of Venice Essay example

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Ajzenstat, Samuel. "Contract in the Merchant of Venice." Philosophy and Literature, vol. 21, no.
2, 1997., pp. 262-27. Article.
The author of this work, Samuel Ajzenstat, presented this article at the McMaster University Shakespeare Seminar, Stratford Festival in Ontario Canada in 1996 as well as the Brock University Liberal Studies Lecture Series in St. Catharines Ontario in 1990. Ajzenstat’s intended audience are those who are interested in scholarly interpretations of Shakespeare.
This work argues that while many view Merchant of Venice as a story of selfless love, that the Merchant is better read as a story of selfish love. It talks about how the framework of the story is about the need for balance between conditional and unconditional commitments, which leads to a discussion on the balance between love and mercy. This work is helpful in illuminating my thesis because it both focuses on the specific concepts of justice and mercy and compares and contrasts Portia and Shylock’s motives. It compares and contrasts Portia and Shylock’s motives by arguing that while from a distance Portia represents ‘virtue’ and Shylock represents ‘vice’, that in the play, as in life, there is much more to the picture.
Belliotti, Raymond A. Shakespeare And Philosophy: Lust, Love, And Law. Amesterdam: Brill
Academic Publishers, 2012. eBook Academic Collection(EBSCOhost). Ebook.
Belliotti has written twelve other books, 70 articles, and 25 reviews and has given many presentations at…

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